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Michelle's aDOORable Creations
Lubbock, Texas United States
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    Lubbock Texas, United States
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    Michelle Lloyd of Michelle's aDOORable Creations is known for her one-of-a-kind Wreaths. Wreaths, bows, & Supplies for sale!

    I create and sell beautiful one-of-a-kind wreaths and really LOVE the enjoyment and excitement I can bring by creating that perfect wreath you are looking for.

    I have been blessed with many “artsy” and creative talents that my husband has allowed me to express. I’m also blessed to have married, my true-love, Kenneth, in June of 2012. I am totally in love with God, my husband, and my family which consists of one 14 yr old son, a 23 yr old daughter and two “Amazing Grandchildren” that are four year old twins that keep us

    I love God! He is my strength, my peace, and my courage. I love being a mom, wife, and nana. I love making door wreaths. I love teaching others how to find their passion as we'll. I believe mercy, grace, joy and love are the most important things we can give and receive. God has so richly blessed us.

    I also work full-time as a success coach at a community college which i love. It allows me to help students follow their dreams and never give up no matter what what life might throw at them. I pray every day that I can juggle business, family life, and a full-time job. So please check my shop frequently (or even better, "heart" my shop so it will show in your activity feed) because I tend to list new wreaths sporadically with some weeks listing only a few other weeks maybe only one or two. This is during school registration or holidays. Thanks for looking and again welcome to Etsy!

    God Bless! Michelle
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